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I'll bring the store to your door for an easy match to your decor today!!
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The Carpet Guy has been selling and installing floors for over twenty years in the Rhode Island area. While consistantly offering quality products, custom and experienced installation and the lowest price in town, The Carpet Guy has built his company on a solid foundation decorated with a great reputation based upon his customer's needs and wants. While voluntarily gathering feedback from his customers he has been able to provide the quality service and over the top customer satisfaction that gives him a competitive edge. Keeping his customers happy is what matters most to him. Afterall, word of mouth is the best advertisement there is! The Carpet Guy's customers are always his number one priority.


The Carpet Guy exclusively offers professional shop at home service. He has found through

experience that shopping at home gives his customers a better way to match his floor samples to their decor. Hence his motto "I'll bring the store to your door for an easy match to your decor today". Furthermore it provides an opportunity for The Carpet Guy to see and measure the potential job in order to give his customers a more concrete price.


The Carpet Guy conveniently offers Carpet Cleaning Too! Is there anything he doesn't do?



The Carpet Guy
(401) 474-8151
The Carpet Guy Offers:
  • Conveinent ShopHome Service
  • FREE Estimates
  • Free Rip Up of OldCarpet & Padding
  • Quality Carpet Cleaning
  • The Lowest Price in Town
  • Carpet Pad & Labor  @$1.99 sq.ft!